Sunday, October 10, 2010

Get Smart (An Intro)

Hello, and Welcome to "Get Smart", a literature blog by Knave Murdok.
I have begun this blog primarily for school, as a way of getting my assignments to my teacher. However, if I maintain writing this for the whole quarter and find that I dig it, I may well consider keeping it in my update schedule.

From now until the end of the quarter, I'll be writing mostly on the subject of American Literature, since that's the class I'm taking, sadly this limits my writing to only focusing on an author or group of authors for a short amount of time.
My teacher calls this "The Baskin Robbins Approach." 31 Flavours, 31 tiny pink tasting spoons worth of 234 years of writing.
This can be problematic, as well as enlightening.
I can't go on too much on any one author, and I'll be the first to admit that some of the authors I plan on covering really deserve an in depth treatment that I can't afford. However, just having a taste can spark a kind of motivation. If the sample sits right with you, you may be compelled to order yourself a big ol' waffle cone.

That's the aim of the class, and that in turn in also the aim of the blog.

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